I say it’s a great technique to write an article. Not only some sweet words or some phrases can enrich an article. Rather there should exist a content rhythm and flow until an article finishes. Most of the time I find some renowned writers write with too long sentences –may be 40 words or even more—but why? Readers mostly are not at all ready to absorb such a long sentences in their busy days. Most of the time long sentences are complicated to understand and should be avoided. Truly speaking article writing should be more or less informative which can hold a reader to read. Information is always interesting to a reader which is unavoidable for a good article. Subject or topic related information is of prime importance for an article. It’s needless to say grammar and spelling mistakes should always be avoided. Pictures, images, graphs and videos can be included to enrich a long article (above 1000 words). For long article paragraph with sub-heading is a must—may be written with bold letters. Some of other important factors may be as follows:

  • Use of bullet points for important items
  • Use of active voice in sentences
  • Use of numerical nos.  for important items
  • Use of teaching tips
  • Use of FAQ
  • Use of “I”, “WE”, “You” in sentences
  • Not to use “weasal” words.

SEO: why not Website Optimization ( WSO )?

Search Engine Optimization –the exact literary meaning may be either –optimization of search engine or optimization by search engine. Truly speaking we are optimizing our website or blogsite — the optimization is being done by our web developer or webmaster. Search engine has nothing to do in this respect — rather it evaluates our sites according to certain criteria laid by google– we call it as seo factors.There are more than 200 factors that influence  the optimization of sites.The major 20-25 factors influence 60-70% in ranking a website showing in SERP– the rest 180 factors influence only 30-40%– even some factors have no influence at all. So we must be careful in selecting factors to be fixed in our sites.


Creative Earning: a great pleasure

Online earning is one the fastest growing earning source for new generation and even older-may be a man or woman.Truly speaking now a days all most all of us need some extra money against our main earnings. This extra earning is of course possible by working during extra time at home or any place you like. The vast field of internet or online has opened the door of such earning with the help of simply a desktop or laptop with an internet connection. Nothing more is required except your will force-a very costly thing.

In our life we spent at least 10 to 16 years in studies– there after we get a job with handsome salary. But if you spend another one or two years in studying and practicing online earning technique — I can give you guarantee that you can earn at least 50% or even more of main earning. It’s not a mere earning but a great pleasure unlike main earning. It is a free business — any time I can start , any time I can close.

Think how interesting the matter is. Please be careful — failure will come again and again in this field but ultimately it will surrender to your will force, patience and perseverance. Success is bound to knock at your door sometime.

Creative Learning: a road to prestigious life

Creative learning is of course information technology (IT) based education holding a vast field in recent scientific age. Therefore Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be considered as the most important sector in IT related learning.
Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website. 99% people say search engine optimization (SEO) but I like to say it as Website Optimization(WSO). The reason is very clear that we normally optimize our website according to criteria/factors decided by google Algorithm. Truly speaking Google Search Engine or other search engines never optimize a website rather they evaluates websites ranking position to show in SERP. The higher the rank a website possess there is more chances of getting more visitors who can be converted to customers later on. A website owner being a business man can be benefited with his website properly optimized in selling more products or rendering more services to customers